主席Foad Shaikhzadeh

Foad Shaikhzadeh

Mr. Shaikhzadeh joined Furukawa 工业 S/A in 巴西 in January 1979. 从那时起, he held many positions in the company as Technical General Manager, Curitiba Plant General Manager 和 System Engineering Division Vice-President.

In April 2001 he was appointed as President of Furukawa Electric LatAm located in Curitiba, 巴西, 负责生产, sales 和 technology development of Communications 解决方案 products 和 services in Latin America. During the last years he exp和ed Furukawa’s leadership in 以前 connectivity 和 the structured cabling for LAN networks in that region, 以及在欧洲日益增长的影响力, 非洲, 和东南亚.

Mr. Shaikhzadeh is a Senior Corporate Vice-President of Furukawa Electric Co.,日本. In December 2021 he was appointed as Chairman of OFS Fitel, 从2022年1月起担任LCC的临时首席执行官.

Mr. Shaikhzadeh holds an Electronics Engineering degree from Escola Politécnica of the University of São Paulo. He also completed executive education program at Fundação Getulio Vargas.



冬青Hulse was appointed President 和 CEO of OFS in July 2022.

在加入OFS之前,她. Hulse worked in global materials companies including Corning Incorporated where she held roles including Global Marketing Manager Environmental 产品, 上海康宁有限公司总经理, 和总统, 康宁电缆系统, 中国. She also served as VP of 工业 Steel Wire Asia 和 then North America for Bekaert Corporation 和 most recently as President of the Thermal 产品 Division of Morgan Advanced Materials. Her roles have included engineering, sales, marketing, 和 general management. During her career, she has lived 和 worked in the US, Germany, 和 中国.

Ms. Hulse holds a Bachelor of Science in Aeronautical Engineering from Purdue University 和 an MBA from Cornell’s Johnson School of Management. She is married with three adult children 和 is based 诺, 乔治亚州. 她喜欢旅行。, 阅读, 水上运动, 为匹兹堡钢人队加油, 和家人共度时光.

Jane Cercena,特种纤维高级副总裁

Jane Cercena, Fiber高级副总裁 & 电缆北美和特种光纤

Jane Cercena是高级副总裁, Specialty Fiber for OFS responsible for global operations of all specialty fiber manufacturing serving the multiple industries supplied by the company.

Most recently serving OFS as Vice President 和 General Manager of the OFS Avon 和 Somerset Specialty Fiber operations, Dr. Cercena effectively brought two operations together 和 streamlined production to support the accelerated development 和 roll out of key new products, 包括光纤激光器和形状传感器.

Dr. Cercena joined OFS in 2010 after holding various directorial positions in Global Strategy 和 Research & 罗杰斯公司和圣戈班的发展.

Dr. Cercena’s educational background includes Post Doctoral research at the University of Massachusetts where she performed research on high performance materials; a PhD in Materials Science, Polymer Chemistry from the University of Connecticut; 和 a B.S. 在化学, Organic Chemistry from the University of Connecticut where she graduated magna cum laude.

Dr. Cercena is based out of the OFS specialty fiber operation in Avon, Connecticut.

大卫J. DiGiovanni,首席技术官

大卫J. DiGiovanni

大卫J. DiGiovanni是OFS Fitel的首席技术官, beat365体育亚洲官网在线, 也是OFS实验室的总裁, the central research organization of OFS comprised of Research 和 Development, 以及新命名的产品实现中心.

Dr. DiGiovanni began his career in the 光纤 Research Department of Bell Laboratories 和 has weathered the transition from AT&T to Lucent to OFS working to advance the science 和 application of optical fiber technology in various research 和 management capacities. He has worked on various phenomena related to optical fiber design, 制造与应用, 和 has made notable contributions to erbium-doped optical fiber for amplifiers, 拉曼放大, 高功率放大器和激光器, 还有一些光学元件. He has enabled the transfer of many of these technologies from the research lab to new products.

Dr. DiGiovanni holds several degrees from Brown University, including a PhD in Mechanical Engineering. 他是IEEE的成员和OSA的研究员.



阿施施甘地是首席财务官 & 财务主管 for OFS, responsible for the company’s financial, IT 和 strategic planning efforts.

Mr. 甘地, 谁被任命为该职位,8月1日生效, 2009, 曾担任公司的财务总监 & 财务主管, 负责协调, planning 和 reporting on the company’s financial activities 和 has held other top financial 和 operations positions at OFS.

在此之前,他是. 甘地 worked in the Treasury Department for Lucent Technologies in the Customer Finance 和 Credit areas covering both North America 和 Latin America 和 held a range of senior financial positions in Dubai 和 India with KPMG 和 Saatchi & 萨奇广告.

Mr. 甘地 has an accounting degree from The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India 和 an MBA from The University of Virginia.

Satoshi Koyanagi,战略与规划副总裁

战略副总裁Satoshi Koyanagi & 规划

Satoshi Koyanagi是战略副总裁 & 规划, responsible for the definition 和 development of strategic initiatives for OFS in collaboration with the OFS executive leadership team 和 parent company Furukawa Electric Co, 有限公司. (FEC)

Mr. Koyanagi于1996年加入FEC, most recently serving as company-wide transformation project manager, leading cultural transformation activity in a wide range of FEC businesses. He also served as vice president in optical solution product manufacturing for Furukawa Electric LatAm (巴西) 和 general manager of engineering in Furukawa FITEL (Thail和), 哪些生产市场领先的光学元件.

Mr. Koyanagi holds both a bachelor’s 和 a master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Hokkaido University, 札幌,日本.

Mr. Koyanagi is based out of the OFS headquarters 诺, 乔治亚州.

Robert Lake, Senior Vice President, Law 和 Secretary of OFS

Robert Lake, Senior Vice President–Law 和 Secretary of OFS

Mr. Robert Lake is Senior Vice President–Law 和 Secretary of OFS. He is in charge of all legal matters for the company other than intellectual property.

刚从法学院毕业. 雷克加入了AT&T headquarters where he worked on federal regulatory 和 commercial law matters in New York City 和 Basking Ridge, 新泽西. 1993年,他加入了AT&T网线系统, OFS的前身组织, 诺, 乔治亚州, working on a wide range of domestic 和 international legal matters. Mr. Lake remained with OFS after the Lucent Technologies spin-off from AT&T in 1996 和 the purchase of OFS by Furukawa Electric Company in 2001. Mr. Lake assumed primary responsibility for OFS legal matters in 2007.

Mr. Lake holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Wesleyan University 和 a Juris Doctor degree from Washington University School of Law. He also completed executive education programs at the Brookings Institution 和 the Thunderbird School of Global Management. 他已婚,有两个孩子.

Masato Oku, Senior Vice President, Global Fiber Manufacturing 和 Technology

Shinji Asao, Senior Vice President, Global Fiber Manufacturing 和 Technology

Masato Oku is Senior Vice President Global Fiber Manufacturing 和 Technology, responsible for the strategy 和 planning of all fiber operations serving the multiple industries supplied by the company.

Most recently serving OFS’ parent company Furukawa Electric Co, 有限公司. (FEC) as General Manager, 光纤 Production in Mie,日本, Mr. Oku had direct managerial control over the entire fiber manufacturing operation.

Mr. Oku holds a Master of Science degree 在化学 from Nagoya University.

Mr. Oku is based out of the OFS headquarters 诺, 乔治亚州.

Chris Pollock, Senior Vice President, EMEA Cable, Fiber 和 Networking

Chris Pollock, Senior Vice President Fiber 和 Cable for EMEA

克里斯·波洛克(Chris Pollock)是欧洲高级副总裁, 中东, 非洲(EMEA)电缆, Fiber 和 Networking for OFS with the responsibility for the management of the EMEA sales organization, 和 the optical cable manufacturing plants in Morocco 和 Russia. Mr. Pollock is also responsible for the optical connectivity plants in the US 和 Mexico 和 leads the development 和 manufacturing of optical networking solutions globally.

Mr. Pollock joined OFS in 2015 as General Manager for the company’s Optical Connectivity 解决方案 和 Enterprise Cable Division with responsibilities across North America 和 EMEA regions, including the establishment of new production facilities in Mexico 和 Morocco. 在加入OFS之前,他. 波洛克在管理中担任领导角色, 业务发展, 和 sales 和 marketing for Prysmian Group (formerly Pirelli 和 Draka).

Mr. Pollock holds a Bachelor of Science in Physics from the University of Wales 和 a Masters of Laser Physics Engineering from the University of Essex. He is based in the OFS regional office in the United Kingdom.

斯蒂芬妮·Y. 我是首席人力资源官

斯蒂芬妮·Y. Street,人力资源高级副总裁

Stephanie Street has led Human Resources for OFS since September 15, 2008.

Ms. 斯特里特的职业生涯始于她在美国的一名军官.S. 陆军通信兵. She held various leadership positions, to include comm和ing a tactical signal company in Europe. Her civilian career began with supervisory roles in manufacturing. She assumed progressive levels of leadership responsibility 和 management through assignments in Mobil, 博士伦 & 和伊士曼柯达公司.

Ms. Street拥有便利化证书, 和 training to include the administration of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). She is also certified as a Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR), 和全球人力资源专家(GPHR).

Ms. Street持有B.A. Degree in Speech Communication from Morgan State University 和 an M.S. Degree in Human Resource Development from Villanova University.

Paulo Zafaneli, Senior Vice President for North America Networking Systems

Paulo Zafaneli, Senior Vice President for North America Networking Systems

Paulo Zafaneli is Senior Vice President for North America Networking Systems responsible for the overall marketing, sales 和 product management of broadb和 solutions for the company.

Mr. Zafaneli于1990年8月加入Furukawa Electric Group. 从那时起, he has held many positions in the company including Director 和 General Manager International Markets, 采购和物流主管, 和 Head of Service 规划 和 Control for Furukawa Electric LatAm located in Curitiba, 巴西. During the last years he help exp和ed Furukawa’s 以前 connectivity 和 the structured cabling in Europe, 非洲, 和东南亚.

Mr. Zafaneli holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the Federal University of Paraná 和 a Master of Business Administration from The Pontifical Catholic University of Paraná.

Mr. Zafaneli is based out of OFS headquarters in the Atlanta metropolitan area.


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