光纤电缆在广泛的应用中提供了多功能性和耐用性,对于确保全球通信网络的可靠性至关重要. At its most basic, a fiber optic cable is composed of glass threads (optic fibers), each of which can transmit messages modulated onto light waves. Offering greater bandwidth than copper cable, 光纤电缆已迅速成为通信领域的首选电缆解决方案, industrial networking, sensing, and avionics applications.

Fiber Optic Cable Types


OFS provides high-strength fiber cables for use in various industrial, indoor, and outdoor applications. Offering unique properties and benefits for different types of use, 我们的通信光缆产品可以轻松满足复杂的应用要求和规格.

Our DryBlock® cable, for instance, is highly durable and flexible, making it ideal for outside plant (OSP) applications, including duct, direct-buried, and lashed aerial installations in harsh environments. Featuring corrugated steel armor and a polyethylene jacket, this cable provides rugged durability and rodent resistance. 轻量级和rdup上市,DryBlock®也允许快速,轻松的安装.

Many of our products, including our ribbon cables and dry gel-free cables, are used extensively in various FTTx applications. Our EZ-Bend® cables, for instance, provide reliable connections with virtually zero loss. All of our fiber optic solutions, whether designed for FFTH (fiber-to-the-home), FFTN (fiber-to-the-node), or FFTC (fiber-to-the-curb) applications, 与传统的铜缆相比,它可以传输更多的数据——跨越更远的距离. OFS光纤电缆专为支持当今不断连接的世界和对高速宽带互联网日益增长的需求而设计, 我们的多功能解决方案可以实现最佳质量的视频和无缝的语音和数据传输,并具有最大的投资回报率.

Totally Gel-Free Cable

By eliminating messy gels and filling compounds, totally gel-free cables 简化工厂外(OSP)电缆的处理和安装过程,提高效率. 这些电缆可在松管或带状结构与电介质或金属护套选择.

Loose Tube Fiber Optic Cable

Innovative loose tube cables increase fiber density and make deployment easy for duct, aerial (lashed and self-supporting), direct buried, and outdoor/indoor installations.

Ribbon Cable

OFS率先引入光纤带技术,引领行业发展 fiber optic ribbon cables and the first to introduce UV-curable acrylate material ribbons. 今天的AccuRibbon®光带在平面阵列中容纳多达24根彩色光纤, 提供高光纤密度单元,用于电子设备内部的光纤布线或布线.

我们的带状电缆在最紧凑的电缆包装中提供最高的光纤密度. 简化光纤终端可以节省时间和金钱,容易进行大规模融合拼接.

Rollable Ribbon Cable

OFS AccuTube® Rollable Ribbon Loose tube 432-3456 fiber countsOptical fiber rollable ribbons 与使用传统的室外电缆相比,光纤密度大约可以翻倍吗, 这使得这些缎带成为网络设计师工具箱中非常有价值的工具.

The fibers in a rollable ribbon are attached intermittently. This configuration makes the ribbon much more flexible and “rollable”. In addition, 与扁平带状电缆相比,这种设计可以在更小的空间内安装更多的光纤,同时也允许使用典型的带状电缆拼接技术和设备进行光纤拼接.

而更大的纤维密度(在更小的空间里有更多的纤维)是一个关键的起点, 与扁平带状电缆相比,可卷曲带状电缆技术提供了更多的好处.

  • 更轻的重量,更长的拉/吹距离,降低安装成本.
  • Smaller coiling diameters to fit in smaller handholes.
  • Smaller cables enable longer lengths on a reel.

较长的长度可以减少剪接点的数量、剪接成本和运输成本. These ribbon cables are also gel-free. While removing the gel decreases the cable weight, the main benefit is to speed up and simplify the splicing process. 考虑到拼接过程,可滚动带的好处列表甚至更长.

  • They can be spliced using typical ribbon splicing techniques, maintaining the productivity and restoration speed benefits of ribbons.
  • 当使用可卷带时,更容易从带结构中分离出单个纤维.
  • There is the potential to use smaller splice trays, which improves closure density, as rollable ribbons are not confined to a rigid flat ribbon structure.
Fiber Optic Drop Cable

Compact, durable, and self-supporting fiber drop cables come in completely all-dielectric or toneable constructions. Reliable and cost-effective for the last link in the optical network, they are the ideal solution for self-supporting aerial, direct buried, and duct FTTx drop installations.

Central Core Cable

OFS was the first optical cable manufacturer to introduce the central core cable design, offering easy fiber access and maximum fiber density. The central core cables provide excellent optical, mechanical and environmental performance, making them an excellent choice for a wide variety of deployments, including underground conduit and rugged direct burial.

Outdoor/Indoor Fiber Optic Cable

Innovative outdoor/indoor cables 将室内立管电缆的阻燃性和安全性与OSP使用的耐久性相结合. The result is a unique, 双重用途电缆可以帮助节省时间和金钱,允许OSP应用程序在室内无缝流动, using a single cable and no splices.

Microcables and Air Blown Fiber Units

OFS microcables and blown fiber units are specifically designed for enhanced air-blown installation where light weight, flexibility and small size are critical. 这些电缆适用于光纤到家庭、企业和多个住宅单元的部署.

Premises Cable

OFS premises cables combine peak performance, 易于安装和灵活性,具有卓越的可靠性和安全性,适用于广泛的室内应用. A full range of high-performance riser, plenum and LSOH-rated low smoke zero halogen cables 在从办公室到工厂车间的大多数环境中,提供处理建筑物入口和桌面之间几乎任何应用程序的灵活性.

CPR EuroClass Cables

OFS manufactures cables with CPR EuroClass performance. Click here 查看可供选择的产品,以及它们的CPR欧洲级性能.


The advantages of fiber optic cables are well known in the industry:

  • Greater Bandwidth than traditional copper cables
  • Faster Speeds
  • Longer Distances
  • Better Reliability
  • Thinner | Sturdier | Light weight
  • More Flexibility for the Future
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership
  • Immunity to RFI/EMI

我们对特种光纤电缆的方法是建立在这些优势的基础上,为光纤电缆可能需要承受更高温度条件的各种应用创造解决方案, chemical exposure, or transitions from indoors to outdoors. OFS specialty fiber optic cables serve customers in the medical, manufacturing, commercial and military aircraft, as well as unmanned ground and air vehicles markets.

使我们与众不同的是,我们有能力从各种涂层中创建定制的电缆, buffers, 而布线材料要满足特定的环境条件如:耐磨性, chemical, and solvent exposure, high-temperature, shock, and vibration. The selection of coatings includes:

  • Polyetheretherketone PEEK
  • Polybutylene terephthalate PBT
  • Polypropylene PP
  • Polyethylene PE
  • LSZH (low-smoke, zero halogen) PE-PP
  • Polyvinylchloride PVC
  • Polyvinylidene Fluoride PVDF
  • Polyurethane TPU
  • Halogen free Flame retardant Polyurethane HFFR
  • Hytrel TPE
  • Ethylene tetrafluoroethylene ETFE
  • Perfluoroalkoxy Teflon™ PFA
  • Fluorinated ethylene propylene FEP

Whether you need ruggedized industrial fiber optic cables with specialty fibers, reliable moisture and fatigue resistant cables, or versatile indoor/outdoor cables, you can expect a seamless integration, allowing for streamlined operations.

Industrial Indoor/Outdoor Cables

These moisture- and fatigue-resistant, industrial indoor/outdoor cables 是理想的恶劣环境,如变电站和风力涡轮机塔, 以及其他电缆可能需要承受更高温度条件或从室内过渡到室外的环境.

Avionics Cables

Avionics cables used in aerospace applications are manufactured to withstand the special conditions found in aircrafts. 这就是为什么我们提供的电缆比标准电信级光纤提供更宽的温度范围, and are designed to be light-weight, high-strength, and high-durability. The company’s FlightGuide®, FlightLink, Avioptics® and μlinx™ 光纤电缆品牌是航空电子应用中备受推崇的高端产品系列.

We are here to help.

OFS的团队拥有多年开发光纤电缆解决方案的经验. Serving a range of industries, 我们与所有客户紧密合作,确保电缆满足他们的特定需求, no matter how unusual or complex. To learn more about our fiber optic cable options, check out our comprehensive catalog, 或者今天就beat365登录的专家团队,讨论您的光纤电缆规格和需求.

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